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The Power of SMART Goals
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The Power of SMART Goals

Jan O’Neill and Anne Conzemius
with Dr. Carol Commodore and Carol Pulsfus

Foreword by Mike Schmoker, author of Results: The Key to Continuous School Improvement
Publisher: Solution Tree, 2005
ISBN: 1-932127-87-9

This comprehensive yet easy-to-read book by the authors of The Handbook for SMART School Teams (Solution Tree, 2002) and Building Shared Responsibility for Student Learning (ASCD, 2001) shows readers how to transform their schools into places where each and every student is meeting and exceeding standards by shifting thinking to a focus on results.

The authors begin by presenting a framework, processes and tools for adult and student goal-setting, including The QLD Framework, The SMART Goals Process, The Tree Diagram, The 30+ Minute Meeting Process. Once this groundwork is laid, the authors discuss:

  • The barriers to goal-setting and monitoring
  • How to "keep goals alive" through supportive systems, policies, structures, and skill-building
  • The role of assessment in goal-setting
  • The power of goals to improve curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  • The role of professional development practices in goal-setting and improvement
  • How to build capacity for goal-oriented thinking
  • Case studies from real schools that are turning challenges into opportunities for learning and improvement

"This book will persuade you that goals . . . are the glue that holds teams and their efforts together against the incessant distractions that bombard us at every turn. This book helps us to understand and implement the goal-oriented principles and practices that will help schools to be . . . vastly better than they ever though they could be."

Mike Schmoker, Author and Consultant

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About the Authors
Jan O'Neill Anne Conzemius

Jan O'Neillblue pixel

Jan O'Neill has more than twenty years of training, consulting and facilitation experience.

She brings diverse experience to the field of education, having served as an early childhood, elementary and middle school teacher; consultant to state and local governments, healthcare and service industries; national consultant to Fortune 100 manufacturing companies; and product marketing manager for a national consulting firm.

Anne Conzemiusblue pixel

Anne brings a broad range of experience to her work as an educational consultant. At the state level she served as the Executive Assistant to Wisconsin's State Superintendent. In that capacity she advised on educational policy and led the Department's organizational strategic planning and restructuring initiative.

Prior to this appointment, Anne was the Director of Employee Development and Training for the state of Wisconsin. Anne has also spent time in the private sector, having been a senior level consultant for a human resource training and consulting firm where she specialized in strategic planning and quality improvement for government, education, and manufacturing.